Monday, November 12, 2012

Super-late Blog Post (Sorry Everyone!)

First off, I completely forgot I was supposed to write one of these last week. I commented instead though. Sorry!
"I felt that this act was a ritual devoid of ordinary sexuality, a stylized encounter between two bodies which recapitulated their sense of motion and collision" (161).
I thought this one single line from Crash held a lot of meaning within it. Firstly, it includes the word "stylized," which, as Dr. Stuber pointed out in class the other day, is repeated multiple times in the novel. Personally, I think the word "stylized" is repeated so many times because of its connotation of forcing something to conform to a certain style. This connotation makes sense considering Ballard is using the phrase to refer to the way Vaughan makes women conform their bodies to resemble those of car crash victims. The second thing I wanted to point out of interest in this line is the last part where James describes the sexual encounter of his wife and Vaughan as having a "sense of motion and collision." The words motion and collision both seem to relate sex to a car accident, strengthening the connection between the two concepts in James's mind.

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